Common Heat Exchanger Mistakes To Avoid By HVAC Company in Colorado Springs 

The working of your HVAC system depends upon the right temperature, durable construction material, and proper operation. There are many ways to regulate this temperature, which is always crucial to acquire an optimum working. Improper temperature settings lead to various heat exchanger mistakes which can destroy your HVAC system. M3 Mechanical is the most renowned HVAC Company in Colorado Springs serving the locals for years. Their experience and professionalism make them stand ahead of others. In this post, you will find a few heat exchanger mistakes you should always avoid in maintaining your HVAC system.

Eight Heat Exchanger Mistakes To Avoid By HVAC Company in Colorado Springs 

Unsuitable capacity, incompatible material, and poor efficiency are some of the main heat exchanger mistakes which every HVAC Company in Colorado Springs must avoid. In this section, we will discuss these mistakes in detail. Also, we will present some amazing solutions and preventions to stay safe from these mistakes. Another common problem is the extreme pressure drop resulting in the poor performance of your heat exchanger.

Wrong Material Choice

Cheap isn’t always excellent. Improper heat exchanger material may malfunction or need additional cleaning.

Carbon steel corrodes and reacts, making it less appealing than stainless steel. Heat exchanger equipment like concrete bases and mounting brackets may weigh and cost more than stainless steel due to larger tube walls. Carbon steel is brittle and heat-conductive, but corrosion and fouling may limit its lifetime.

Incorrect Pressure Drop

Heat exchanger pressure dips over the allowed range causing pressure issues. Leaks, pollution, and heat exchanger failure are possibilities.

Raw material modifications may increase pressure decrease. To avoid this, have your heat exchanger provider test new parts before use. Doing this test will help you in deciding the best components to fit in your heat exchanger, and also its compatibility with other products. Heat exchangers may aid recipe or product changes.

Poor Location

Heat exchangers are squeezed into tight spaces, blocked by pipes or other equipment, or supplied by a complicated pipe network. If difficult to clean and maintain, the heat exchanger may fail. With the help of hiring the best Colorado Springs HVAC Company HVAC services, you can surely avoid committing this huge mistake. Use a tiny heat exchanger in compact places. Corrugated-tube units are smaller than smooth-tube ones of the same capacity. This allows them to be stored on a mezzanine and easily cleaned and maintained, conserving floor space.

Insufficient Capacity

Buying a cheaper apartment may be a mistake. A tiny heat exchanger may lengthen working hours or send consumers away. This way you will surely have to suffer if you want to use this heat exchanger for a heavy task. So make sure that you decide the capacity of your heat exchanger according to your requirements and demands. 

Modules may extend modular systems. Allowing for more space and infrastructure may cost more initially, but it will be cheaper than an over-specified larger unit and save money when expansion is required.

Product Damage

Incorrect product handling may alter taste, appearance, and viscosity. Heat or touch may create these issues. Curdled milk, sloppy pizza sauce, emulsified fats and spreads, and pasteurized liquids lose taste.

Starting with the right heat exchanger would have avoided these complications. Scraped-surface heat exchangers are superior to turbulent tubes for gently processing sauces and preventing fouling with sticky components.

Lack of Backup or Safety Systems

If other pumps fail, heat exchanger material may become excessively hot or cold. This may harm products and equipment.

A good heat exchanger should feature heating coils or a diversion system to prevent frozen objects in the case of a pump failure. Any monitoring and warning system needs heat exchanger gear.

Insufficient Cleaning or Maintenance

Serviceability improves heat exchanger maintenance. Remove and inspect tubes or components. Maintaining heat exchangers keeps processed food and medications safe. poisons. Unnoticed fractures or corrosion might create serious issues.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Building a heat exchanger system must account for the service fluid’s “heat” after going through the heat exchanger. A pasteurization and cooling system may employ product heat during chilling to supplement pasteurization heat. A product-to-product heat exchanger may heat and cool two low- to medium-viscosity products instead of a service fluid system.

To Wrap It Up

An efficient heat exchanger plays a big part in the optimal functioning of your system. Whether it is your heat exchanger’s wrong material or poor pressure maintenance, it can prove to be a big cause of destruction. Therefore, it is crucial to hire the best HVAC Company in Colorado Springs to get the best solutions to all your problems. We suggest going with M3 Mechanical, who holds vast experience in providing the best HVAC solutions for every client. Our years of experience and professionalism in this field have made us successful in achieving the complete satisfaction of every visitor. Always make sure that you hire the best HVAC company to get the best thermostat troubleshooting results.

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